The functionalities of combo ovens industrial

Combi ovens have gained popularity over the years in restaurant kitchens. This is because they are able to play different roles at the same time. For commercial users they reduce the cost of labor and increase efficiency.

What are industrial combo ovens?

These are ovens help chefs with an all-in-one cooking alternative. It offers these functions: steam, convention and combination cooking.

In steam cooking, you will put water inside the oven to poach rice, fish and vegetables. In the convection one, there is circulation of dry heat from the oven. It is ideal for bread and pastries.

Lastly, the combination mode uses both steam and dry heat. It maintains the same humidity levels giving you control of the levels of water in the food.

Capic manufacturers are known for producing combo oven industrial.

Its benefits

Here are some of the advantages of a combi oven industrial;

  • Comes as one package

They can be used as both convention and steamers oven. This means that users will not purchase each oven separately.

  • Can be set at low temperatures

This oven has the capability of being set at low temperatures. They are also considered as substitutes for slow cookers, proofing or holding cabinets.

  • Has accurate controls

They cook food at a precise and exact temperature with a specified steam amount. This assures chefs that the food can be cooked as per their specific preferences.

  • Cooks wide range of foods

With both steam and dry heat functionalities, this oven can cook various types of meat. The dry heat handles bulk cooking while the steam minimizes shrinkages.

Factors to consider

Choosing a perfect oven is not an easy task.  However, there are so many types and brands that can meet your needs. Here are some of the following things to put in to consideration when purchasing one.

  • Oven size

The food that is going to be put in an oven is a factor to look out for. Go for the one with the specific size that you need.

  • Durability and reliability

Purchase an oven that will give you long term services.  An oven that will not let you down by stopping or breaking in the midst of work.

Ask for reviews from other people in your area of business and you will learn about the best brands.

  • Oven heat source

There is a difference in the heating systems for different ovens.  Some offer lower or higher heating adjustments.

  • Check on temperature adjustments

Before purchasing a combi oven, put the temperature adjustments in to consideration. Find out about the minimum and maximum temperature requirements.

Get to know about the specification of the oven. This will help you in determining its performance.

Final thoughts

Whether you are running a restaurant or a bakery, you need a reliable oven. One that will help in increasing sales in your business.  Put in to consideration the shared factors when purchasing an combi oven.

You will be smiling all the way in to the banks.