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Malaysian cuisine is a delicious mix of Indian, Chinese, and Malay flavors. One popular dessert that you’ll find in Malaysian restaurants is Kueh Salat. This unusual dish is made with pandan leaves, coconut milk, rice flour, sugar, and salt. If

Meat is an extremely important part of a balanced diet because it is rich in a number of nutrients that aren’t otherwise so abundant. While there has been a growth in the popularity of plant-based diets, meat (particularly red meat)

Oak barrels and aging in barrels are concepts that are uniquely associated with wine. Although, pickle barrels existed even before that. The oak wine barrel is so vaunted by producers and connoisseurs that even after it (the barrel) has finished

There are many different ways you can use pancake mix can help you improve your baking skills. Pancake mixes contain all you need to bake: flour, leavening agent, and other flavorings and enhancers that will ensure that your creations are

Did you know that weekends are the best time to consume kombucha? According to statistics, the average person will drink two to three litres of kombucha on weekends. And that is just during the week—on weekends, you will drink even

After visiting some really genuine wine producers and doing a great search for them, people got impressed by the very solid traditional craftsmanship with which wines are produced and this approach has been used for so many years, over several

You might have been a regular to pizzerias around the city, savoring the taste of different pizzas you see on the menu, and just feel you need to have a more profound experience. And, where you find yourself is looking

For many years, people often rely on different herbs or plants with medicinal properties for treatments and other effects on the human body. One such use of medicinal herbs is as an aphrodisiac. For hundreds of years, different products have