Goat Milk Versus Cow Milk: Which Is Better?

 There has always been a persistent debate over cow and kabrita goat milk as to which one is healthier and contains higher nutrition value. Different sciences present different pieces of evidence to prove the superiority of one over the other. This article will try to compare both the good and bad qualities of cow and goat milk, respectively. And will come on to a conclusion as to which one is best suitable for the human body and under what circumstances or exceptions.

Following is a brief comparison between the two kinds of milk along with the judgment parameter

Parameter 1- Taste

According to a recent survey conducted among the consumers of goat milk, it was found that the prime reason for preferring goat milk is its delicious taste. Dairy products like cheese prepared using kabrita goat milk are much tastier than any other kind of milk. Whereas on the other hand, most people find cow milk tastier. It is just a matter of an individual’s taste buds. So, to say specifically, goat milk is a bit sweeter than cow milk. However, this sweetness mostly fades away after the processing of milk in the factory.

Parameter 2- Nutrition value

Despite its magical properties, goat milk has always been preferred as an alternative to cow milk. It is still not the first choice of most consumers. Talking about the nutrition value, it is not constant and shows variations according to the health and feeding of the animal. The difference between the protein amount of goat and cow milk is just 0.1 g. Cow milk is slightly high in fat and calorie content and is not appropriate for people targeting weight loss. Both kinds of milk contain the same calcium value,i.e. 0.7 g.

Parameter 3- Look and colour

If you want to identify between the two kinds of milk merely by looking at it, then you must know their appearance. Cow milk is slightly thinner and less white than goat milk. The latter is purely white in all its products, such as butter, cream, etc. Hence, if the texture of the milk is thicker and whiter, then most likely it is kabrita goat milk.

Parameter 4- Allergic Response

This is an essential parameter so to conclude as to which is best for you. Pasteurized milk is processed to a level at which they lose their natural quality and live enzymes. These enzymes are essential to aid the digestion process. In the absence of these enzymes, the milk loses its quality, which must be compensated by making the right choice of milk. Studies reveal that people whose bodies are allergic to milk components are more likely to benefit from raw goat milk. You must consult your health care advisor to identify your nutritional needs so that you can make a sound decision between both cow and goat milk.


Both cow and goat milk are unique in their qualities. However, both serve the same purpose of fulfilling your body’s nutritional requirements. Concludingly, I would say that various factors depend upon individual to individual that decides which kind of milk is best suitable for him. He or she can make sound decisions based on his their body’s response to that particular variety.