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Considering the futuristic technology seen within the original Willy Wonka, a world in which such chocolate production were possible, it’d be an extraordinary blend of magic and technology. Wonka’s factory today would leverage the latest advancements in sensor monitoring, AI,

It is interesting to have a freezer brimming with ingredients and premade meals. You can toss a crisp-tasting supper together without going to the store. You can prepare homemade cookies a couple of times, defrost a quick brownie or two,

Many laugh off the thought of running a franchised chain restaurant or a small business operation in the food industry. Whether it be related to the margins, or the lack of passion, it takes a special breed of person to

There are just some plans that will get you more excited than others. A brunch date planned with your best friends, for example, will leave you excited enough to survive even the toughest of work weeks. There’s nothing more exciting