Reasons to choose finger food catering

As the name suggests, finger food is food that does not require fork and spoon to eat. You can eat finger food with the help of your hands and fingers. Such type of foods is increasingly getting popular amongst all sections of the society, because they are easy to eat and does not require elaborate preparations to consume.

Children, youth and now even the older generation people prefer to eat finger foods when they attend some event, occasion or formal functions. Organizers of events and formal functions have separate counters for finger foods, with some people preferring only finger foods and barbeque catering in Melbourne for their parties.

People often contest that finger foods are not meant for occasions like marriage parties, engagement parties and other formal functions. They believe that finger food catering in Melbourne should be restricted only to house parties or birthday parties as they are casual in nature.

Here are some solid reasons for choosing finger food catering for all types of functions and parties:

Requires lesser space

Space is a huge cost in parties, and with a decent number of people in guest list, you require a very big space to organize a party. However, if you choose to have a finger food menu, you could save lots of money in space as there is absolutely no need for any seating arrangements to be made and guests can enjoy their food standing up.

Very comfortable on pocket and arrangement

If you decide to have finger food catering instead of regular menu, it becomes very comfortable on your pocket and both you and your caterer would be happy serving this menu. Finger foods are less complicated and easy to cook, while foods included in regular menu are complicated and require time in hours or even a day to cook. Therefore, the cost of finger foods is usually much lower than regular food.

Offers wide variety

If you choose to have finger food catering in Melbourne, you can get a wide variety of choice starting from Australian to International cuisines. You can also customize your finger foods according to your taste and style and the caterer will be most happy to oblige.

You can create many new varieties with small variations in existing menu and surprise you guests will all new variety that suits your taste and budget.

Easy to serve

Finger food catering is much easier and comfortable than main stream food catering. If you choose finger food catering menu, catering to your guests becomes easier as catering need not be done in a formal style and system.

Best for informal get together events

For informal get together events, finger food catering is the best choice because the guests can socialize and enjoy their food together. Since the guests need not be seated in a fixed system, catering to them becomes easier and convenient.

So, if you are planning to hold an informal party, get together, or an in-house party, you must either look to get a barbeque catering or finger food catering in Melbourne. There are number of party planners and caterers in Melbourne, but Spitting Image Catering are one of the best and most reasonable caterers in Melbourne city.

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