A Guide To Use cookie decorating kits 

The cookie decorating kits were designed to discard the most problematic part of making cookies, cakes, and cupcakes; looking for the fixers next to mix and heat the treats. The new prepared cookies, cakes, and cupcakes come prepared for the pleasant part, decorating! The most surprising aspect of all, cookie decorating cookies come in two flavors and multiple topics; ideal for occasions, unusual events, birthday events, and the sky is the limit from there. Decorating cookies don’t like the usual hard sugar cookies one might know. The proper use of these cookie decorating kits can help one to decorate and make the cookie the best among its kind and will give one a chance to add a personal touch to the products.

The fundamental cookie unit contains

  • 12 – heated cookies on a variety of subjects
  • Food coloring colors – blue, green, yellow, red
  • 4 dispensable decoration packs with folded bows
  • Enrichment of cookies and powdered meringue to mix frosting
  • Ice formula and mixing guidelines
  • Decoration guidelines and thoughts
  • Just add water and the own confectionery sugar to prepare a crispy topping

Select cookie package contains

  • 15 – cookies prepared on a variety of subjects
  • 4 – decoration bags loaded with our extraordinary cookie topping in a variety of hues
  • 4 – tasty cookie ornament packages
  • Decoration guidelines and thoughts

Select cupcake unit contains

  • 12 – heated vanilla cupcakes
  • 2 – vats of our extraordinary vanilla buttercream topping
  • 4 – dispensable decorative packaging with curved ties
  • 1 – 4 packets of fluid food colors
  • 4 – bags of consumable adornments

What Is A Decorated Cookie

The decorating cookie is a delicate cookie that is firm enough to liven up but remains delicate and tasty when glazed. Lined with our extraordinary cookie topping and finished with the fun edible designs remembered in each unit, this is the ideal edible art for all ages! The heavenly cupcakes come in vanilla flavor with a new tailor-made vanilla buttercream topping, prepared for shading in their # 1 shades. Cupcake kits also incorporate many delicious edible decorations. The delicious cake package incorporates a twice-thick chocolate chip cookie cake, lots of bags of vanilla buttercream shaded alongside tasty adornments. The fun begins with the cookie decorating kits are used for decorating cookies, decorating cakes, and decorating cupcakes.