Ido Fishman Outlines Foods to Eat for Boosting Heart Health

Almost one-third of the all deaths in the world are due to heart disease. Everyone needs to understand that diet can play a vital role in heart health and it can have a direct impact on your risk of heart disease. As a matter of fact, there are certain foods that can influence cholesterol levels, blood pressure, inflammation and triglycerides, all of which put you at risk of heart disease. If you want to boost and maximize your heart health, Ido Fishman has outlined the foods you should incorporate in your diet:

  • Leafy green vegetables

The wealth of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants found in leafy green vegetables, such as collard greens, kale and spinach is unmatched. According to Ido Fishman, they are an excellent source of Vitamin K, which promotes proper blood clotting and also protects your arteries. They also have high levels of dietary nitrates, which can improve function of the cells that line the blood vessels, decrease stiffness of the arteries and reduce blood pressure.

  • Whole grains

There are three parts of the grain to be found in whole grains, germ, brand and endosperm, all of which are nutrient-rich. Barley, quinoa, buckwheat, rye, oats, brown rice and whole wheat are just some of the common types of whole grains that you can incorporate in your diet. As opposed to refined grains, these are high in fiber, which reduces bad LDL cholesterol in the body and decreases the risk of heart disease.

  • Berries

Experts like Ido Fishman suggest that different kinds of berries, including blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are jam-packed with essential nutrients that play a crucial role in heart health. They also comprise of antioxidants, such as anthocyanins that protect against the inflammation and stress, which can contribute to heart disease.

  • Avocados

Regarded as a wonderful source of monounsaturated fats that are healthy for the heart, avocados have been linked to a lower risk of heart disease and decreased levels of cholesterol. They are found to be rich in potassium, which is considered a vital ingredient for promotion of heart health.

  • Fish oil and fatty fish

Fatty fish, such as tuna, sardines, mackerel and salmon are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are well-known for their heart health benefits. Eating fish in the long term is known to reduce the levels of total cholesterol in the body, along with triglycerides, blood sugar and blood pressure. If you don’t eat a lot of fish, the Ido Fishman blog suggests that you opt for fish oil to get your daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil supplements are known for improving arterial function, decreasing blood pressure and reducing blood triglycerides.

  • Walnuts

Not only are they a great source of fiber, but walnuts can also provide micronutrients like copper, magnesium and manganese. Adding a few servings of walnut in your diet can reduce the risk of heart disease by a huge extent. It reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, which makes it beneficial for the heart.

  • Beans

There is resistant starch found in beans and as per Ido Fishman, this resists digestion and is fermented by the good bacteria in your gut. Resistant starch is known to be helpful in decreasing blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides and also reduce inflammation, making it a good food for boosting heart health.

  • Dark chocolate

Loaded with antioxidants like flavonoids, dark chocolate can be very helpful in improving heart health. Chocolate eaters tend to have a lower risk of heart disease, but it shouldn’t be consumed in excessive quantities because that can also be harmful.

  • Tomatoes

Filled with a natural plant pigment called lycopene, tomatoes boast powerful antioxidant properties. They can neutralize harmful free radicals, prevent inflammation and oxidative damage, both of which can lead to heart disease.

Ido Fishman suggests that you incorporate these foods into your diet and it will do wonders for your heart health.