BBQs 2U – Ooni Pizza Oven to Recreate an Ideal Home Cooked Smoke-flavoured Pizza

BBQs 2U takes pride in working with one of the great pizza oven brands Ooni. The retail store in Abersoch, UK stocks the highest quality barbeque brands like Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt Gravity Series, and Napoleon. They offer BBQs and pizza ovens suitable for every level of experience and budget.

After choosing a suitable BBQs or Oven, there will be a need to buy some accessories for enhancing the grilling or pizza-making experience. BBQs 2U stores an extensive selection of specially designed accessories and tools from Kamado Joe, Ooni, Napoleon, and Masterbuilt.

For making a real statement in the backyard, check the range of Ooni Pizza Ovens available at affordable prices. The Ooni model is available in 5 styles and sizes with a cooking surface of 12” or 18”. Both the Koda 12 and 16 are gas-powered appliances.

The award-winning portable Koda 12 is perfect for traveling. This bad boy weighs 9.25 kg and has foldable legs. The cooking surface reheats up to 500°C in 15 minutes and ready-to-serve pizza within a minute. Ooni Koda 16 weight is 18.2 kg, double than Koda 12, but offers 16 inches of cooking surface. As it is larger, preheating time up to 500°C is 20 minutes yet it serves ready-to-eat pizza within a minute and that too is a large one!

Both the Ooni Karu 12 and 16 are multi-fuel pizza ovens. Cooking with wood offers delicious and subtle wood-fired flavor expected from Neapolitan pizzas. Cooking with gas offers low maintenance but not wood-fired flavor.

Karu 16 offers better temperature control, increased oven insulation, more fuel efficiency, a mounted digital thermometer, and a glass door to monitor what’s going inside. Preheating time is 15 minutes and the 16-inch large pizza is cooked in impressive 60 seconds.

The difference between Ooni Karu 12 and 16 is the weight, size, and price. Karu 12 has a small profile than the Karu 16’s weight of 28.4 kg. Both models offer the best Margheritas or fish n chips n pea’s pizzas.

Ooni Fyra is a great model for beginners. It uses pellets, which are fed via a hopper. Therefore, once the fire is lit there are no issues with flame management. Carrying and transporting sealable fuel bags are easy. Use a natural firelighter to light the pellets. Within 15 minutes, the temperature inside the oven reaches 500°C. The pizza cooking time is less than 90 seconds. The pellet in the hopper lasts for 15 minutes and can cook 3 to 4, 12-inch pizzas, after which there is a need to fill the fuel hopper for consistent temperature.

Ooni Pro is sleek, gleaming with a long metal chimney and short legs. It runs on wood, coal, gas, and pellet. It weighs 26 kg and has a large footprint. Its foldable legs and security feature allows securing the oven to close-by garden furniture that keeps it upright and sturdy in a hectic environmental situation. Cook pizza 40 cm in diameter within 60 seconds.

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