Do You Want to Install Bamboo Flooring? Please Do It!

Wooden floors are a classic in decoration; without a doubt, they give a touch of elegance and warmth; they are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and living rooms, but they are usually delicate and expensive, that is why in recent years the bamboo floors have gained significant importance, there are options of bamboo floors that are available in the market are very varied, finishes, textures, formats, and colors to your liking.

Many people think twice before putting this type of floor because they believe that the maintenance is very complicated. But, in reality, the duration and good appearance depend a lot on the quality of this.

Much has been said about bamboo in recent times, but few know for sure how beneficial this plant can be for the environment and is used to replace other types of wood and some plastics.

This material can be used to make furniture, tables, chairs, kitchen utensils; it is very advanced in this technology. China is a country that consumes bamboo by tradition; they even use it as food. So it has known how to exploit its innumerable benefits.

Bamboo grows faster. While trees take 10 to 20 years to develop, bamboo achieves its goal in 4 years, contributing a lot to the balance of the atmosphere. In addition, it not only emits oxygen and captures CO2, just like trees, but also has other benefits. A bamboo is an option of great sustainable possibilities; it is the plant that grows faster than any timber tree, it can be used as food for the vitamins it provides, it can be used as textile fibers, and for other elements, such as laminates for floors, toothbrushes, furniture, shampoo, soaps, among others.

In construction and design, the stems of the bamboo plant are rigid, long, and straight, qualities that make them attractive for the creation of floors. However, to obtain the same hardness as wood, the sheets of this material must be glued and pressed.

The way the bamboos are placed at the moment of compacting them will depend on their strength to obtain medium and high traffic floors. The pieces have a polyurethane pre-finishing and, on this, a layer of acrylic with ultraviolet protection, which prolongs its duration.

For installation, it is not necessary to use bolts or glue. The most convenient is to use the floating installation process, which consists of placing a plastic base and special adhesive foam, which guarantees its placement. Let it rest for a day before walking on the floor. The boards should be 3mm apart to avoid marring the edges. Repeat the procedure for one day.

The bamboo floor should be kept free of dust and dirt. Regular sweeping with a soft brush will ensure that dust does not do you any harm; take extra measures to ensure that dirt and dust on the soles of shoes do not contact the surface of the bamboo floor. This by placing mats both at the entrances to your facility and at the doors leading to each room. If you want to do a deeper cleaning, mop with a mixture of water and white vinegar, then wipe dry. Do this twice a week. Remember not to leave even a trace of liquid. Otherwise, the coating may swell, and you will have to replace the part.