What to try during your food tour in Italy?

Italy offers you limitless opportunities to try when you intend to plan a food tour here. Italy is not just about pizza and pasta, there is a lot you can explore and learn in Italian cuisine. During your trip to Italy, you can cook, dine, wine, relax, and enjoy! Many places in Italy also offer you opportunities to learn Italian cuisine just to experience the cooking culture of the country.

In this article, we shall focus on the foods that you will enjoy in every bite. These are not just delicious, but their cooking style and serving style is rare too.  Let’s check some of the best dishes of Italy.

What to try during your food tour in Italy?

  1. Carbonara:

Carbonara is simple yet the most authentic dish of Italy. It is served with eggs, spaghetti, cured guanciale, and black pepper. The recipe would take some time to master and not many restaurants would make it right, you need to explore about places that serve authentic Carbonara.

  1. Focaccia:

Italy is the hub for breads, but Focaccia is one of the finest breads in Italy that got globally appreciated after Pizza bases. The bread has a unique taste. It is one of the locals for breakfast in Italy. The classic bread tastes best with toppings like zucchini, cheese, olives, and rosemary.

  1. Gelato:

We bet you won’t stop at just once scoop of it. Don’t mistake Italy for only pizza and pasta; the sweet dishes are equally amazing to learn. Have you ever tried the experience of making gelato and adding toppings of your choice? If not, try it in Italy during your food tour. To share an idea, gelatos are slowly churned and covered in circular containers in Italy.

  1. Tiramisu:

Tiramisu is another known delicacy of Italy. It is one of the oldest recipes of the country. Tiramisu is not only added in cakes and ice creams, these are added to coffee to make the highest quality coffee drinks.

  1. Fiorentina Steak:

This dish is made from a specific cow performing a specific cut. The process of making Fiorentina Steak is rare and unique. Only good and experienced Italian chefs will be able to train you. Some part of the meat simply melts in your mouth giving you an authentic taste of Italy.

Learn about the various food tours and the international kitchen of Italy. We hope you have the most tasteful and unforgettable experience in Italy.