Everything About Exklusiva Viner

After visiting some really genuine wine producers and doing a great search for them, people got impressed by the very solid traditional craftsmanship with which wines are produced and this approach has been used for so many years, over several generations. Therefore, it is considered to be the best for some exklusiva viner. The traditional methods are used for better products.

Many companies and sites have the option of purchasing such Exklusiva viner online and they also provide free shipping usually directly to the system of your company. Usually, they import them from Mallorca which is sold using the system company’s order assortment in Sweden. They offer you the option to also buy individual bottles and have the option of delivering it for free to the nearest system company.

You also have the option to taste the Exklusivaviner through the web. All these can be virtually tasted with the information as well as some really nice facts about the wines that you see on the site. You are just required to contact them and they will get back with a lot more information that can be helpful for you and they can also guide you better on how to go about it.

The wines made using the unique grapes of Mallorca, which are only grown here and nowhere else, are mixed with a lot of popular grapes like the Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and also Chardonnay. There are a lot of grapes that are grown on this island and are mixed including Callet, Negro, Prensalblanc and Manto. It is together with the many other grapes that the Exklusivaviner offers very exciting and rare flavors on plate.

What Are The Two Designations Of Origin That Mallorca Has?

The two designations are DO Binissalem which is centrally located in Mallorca and it received the status in the year 1990.

Plan in Llevant consisting of the central as well as the eastern parts of the island received its status in the year 1999.

What Are Some Of The ExklusivaViner ?

  • Son P 2017 – It is from the EsFangar vineyard and it has a medium aromatic intensity with very strong tendencies of strawberries and raspberries which are some ripe red fruits and has a very light aroma of the fig jam. It also has a very balanced roasted aroma with roasted almonds and caramel and is expressive but at the same time subtle. It is aged for about 8 months in 225 as well as 500 liter oak barrels.
  • EsFangar Elements 2012– It has been stored for about 32 months in French oak barrels and 22 months in bottles. It has a color of very light and intense deep red with the aroma of cocoa powder, ripe cherries, plum compote along with soft rust fusion which helps in producing a delicate and an elegant wine.
  • Twenty Twelve Pink
  • N´amarat 2012- stored for 32 months in French oak barrels and then eventually for 24 months in bottle.
  • SaSavina 2018 – It has a very medium-like aromatic intensity and is very dry and elegant.
  • SaFita – It has a very elegant straw yellow color but with shades of green. It has been considered as an explosion of white fruits and flowers with a very creamy surface.