Authentic yet modern Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne

After a weeklong hard work, usually feel like taking their families, friends or go alone to some good restaurant to enjoy a relaxing weak end. Accordingly, they choose a restaurant where they may spend quality time with their close ones, have the finest quality of special dishes, and leisurely relax while enjoying their favorite drinks.

There are certain specific qualities generally people ponder before choosing a suitable restaurant, especially while choosing the best restaurants for Vietnamese cuisine.

Qualities of a good Vietnamese restaurant

With the increasing popularity and liking of people for Vietnamese dishes, not only in Melbourne but all over the world, there is a great surge in the number of Vietnamese restaurants in Melbourne.

 Though every restaurant claims of being the most modern Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne yet facts may be entirely different as no two restaurants can be the same. It is not only the size, seating arrangements, music, lights, or overall ambiance of the place; a high-quality Vietnamese restaurant must offer you Vietnamese dishes and drinks in their original form and taste.

The qualities one must look for in a good and modern Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne include:

  • A great menu with most authentic Vietnamese delicacies – made from most fresh ingredients like herbs, spices, salads, and fruits as well as non-vegetarian ingredients like various kinds of seafood, beef, and pork with fermented fish sauce
  • Culinary expertise Vietnamese dishes are famous for their aromatic and exotic taste which comes only when the freshest of ingredients are chosen and dishes are cooked in pure and traditional Vietnamese style and methods.

Vietnamese cuisine is a perfect mix of all five major tastes such as sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and tanginess which can be experienced by you while having Vietnamese dishes. The pleasing aroma and mouth-watering taste in Vietnamese dishes come only when ingredients are blended in the right proportions as per traditional culinary procedures.

Vietnamese cuisine, if cooked by original expert Vietnamese chefs in a modern Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne will be something extra to boast about.

  • Admirable hospitality and service by the serving staff – a nice cordial welcome and promptness in service besides courtesy extended by the restaurant staff, makes the visitors happy and encourage them to repeat visits
  • Pleasing décor – The ambiance of a place, elevates moods and hence importance must be attached to the wall decoration, comfortable sitting arrangement, indoor plantation, light fixtures, and softness of music in every modern Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne
  • Hygiene and cleanliness – is essential component. Not only the reception, dining space and cleanliness of dining tables and chairs but also the restrooms which should also be spotlessly clean and proper hygiene is to be maintained there also.

Every modern Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne is required to have both types of catering. It should have arrangements for restaurants as well as a pack & carry, takeaway besides on-site and off-site catering services for offices, corporates, and personal events to provide patrons all facilities under one roof.

In the present digital era, it is crucial for every modern Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne to keep provision for accepting orders and making payments online.

Melbourne food lovers are lucky to have Hanoi Hannah Vol. II,  an exclusive and traditional yet modern Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne. Here you can enjoy the most authentic and exotic Vietnamese dishes and satisfy your tastebuds at the most reasonable price.