Raw Vegan Superfood Recipes – Ideas and Suggestions

Every raw foodist should their very own personal recipe collection that contains their favourite raw vegan recipes ever. This is useful when they’re inside a hurry for any recipe and you’ll be an excellent tool to inspire someone to keep on track using their healthy way of life. What’s great about most raw vegan recipes is they are super quick to create because they require simply no cooking whatsoever! Listed here are a listing of the largest recipe creations what are staple foods of the raw vegan diet.


Raw Ice-cream

Frequently produced from coconut meat or frozen bananas to produce a awesome, creamy consistency, raw ice-cream is really wonderful that even non raw-foodists will like it! Usually you simply throw your ingredients inside a blender or perhaps a mixer and blend until creamy – and voila! You have made your ice-cream.

Raw Brownies

These require no cooking – all you need to do is mix together (the food processor is useful here) some raw nuts (frequently walnuts), pitted dates, cacao powder, salt along with a natural sweetener, press lower right into a tray, and set either in the freezer or refrigerator until prepared to eat! Tasty!

Raw Cakes & Cheesecakes

There are many great gourmet recipes around for raw cakes and “mock” cheesecakes nowadays which have been produced by professional raw vegan chefs specifically for people like yourself. It’s recipes such as these which make the raw food diet totally worthwhile!


Raw Soups

For those who have a blender and a few vegetables on hands you’ll be able to make your own raw soup concoction, or just follow among the a large number of gourmet raw soup recipes available which will tantalize your tastebuds. Raw soups happen to be stated to possess a flavour far superior than cooked soups.

Dehydrated Crackers & Flatbreads

You may make a fundamental raw cracker recipe from sprouted grains and seeds, or create a gourmet raw cracker recipe from various vegetables, nuts, spices and herbs to boost your existence. If you want for any sweet version, it is simple to then add nutmeg, cinnamon, chopped apricots, walnuts, etc. rather of vegetables. To nibble on your dehydrated crackers and breads on their own, having a dip, or being an open-sandwich.

Raw Salad

Grate, chop, slice, tear, cube or julienne fruits and vegetables of your liking and make up a gourmet raw salad dressing recipe to flavour up. Produce a herby dressing, a creamy cashew dressing, a spicy tomato dressing, a walnut pesto dressing, a tahini dressing – their email list of gourmet raw salad dressing recipes really is limitless. If you’re not too proficient at creating your personal salads (we’re not all born to become chefs!) then simply just consume a tasty raw salad recipe of your liking.

Raw Dips

They are really fast and simple to create. You will find raw dip recipes open to satisfy tastebuds of all kinds: spicy dips, garlic clove dips, “cheesy” dips, beetroot dips, carrot dips, cashew dips. To nibble on your dip with crackers, vegie sticks, or utilize it like a sauce for “raw” vegetable pasta (julienned vegies) or like a salad dressing.


Raw Smoothies:

Enthusiastic raw foodists are blending eco-friendly concoctions nowadays for super health advantages. A eco-friendly smoothie will often contain eco-friendly leaves (particularly green spinach), a blueberry, spices and herbs, along with other ingredients to really make it taste nice for example fresh lemon juice or perhaps a dash of ocean salt. Obviously there’s tastier options, which are manufactured from any fruit of your liking, cacao powder if preferred, frequently a blueberry to really make it creamy, a couple of spices, etc.

Raw Juices

These may simply be made for those who have a juicer available. To become quite honest, every raw foodist requires a juicer within their kitchen. Nutrient-dense juices are essential to some healthy raw vegan diet. A well known juice is made of five simple ingredients: apples, beetroot, celery, carrots and ginger root. The greater apples you set – the sweeter your juice is going to be! The greater ginger root you set – the spicier your juice is going to be! You’re the creator of the juice – it’s entirely up to you!