The History of Fish And Chips

It’s fascinating to learn about the history of Fish and Chips. This is because it is instantly recognisable and British and will continue to be a hugely popular food. We consume 382 million portions of Fish and Chips each year in the UK. There are currently about 10,500 Fish and Chip shops. This is a staggering number that surpasses all other fast food outlets, proving that Fish and Chips are the undisputed National Dish of Great Britain and a culinary icon.

Nothing is better than eating freshly prepared Fish and Chips with a side dish of peas and some salt & vinegar. Where did our beloved Fish and Chips come from?

It All Starts with The Humble Potato

In the 16th century, a Peruvian chip was introduced to the UK. Charles Dickins, however, gave us the first literary references to “chippy” chips. This can be traced back in the 1838 classic novel “Oliver Twist”, which refers to “fried fish warehouses.” Chunky ‘chippy chips taste and feel nothing like any other chips you might find anywhere else. It is so British and quintessentially British.

Where Did Fried Fish Come From?

According to some reports, fried fish was brought to the UK by Spanish or Portuguese refugees in the 16th century. They brought their delicious delicacies. The whole purpose of frying fish was to keep it cold so that they could be eaten the next day. You will typically use Cod, Haddock and fry the fish in a thin coating of flour called “Pescado frito.” This is a favorite of Sephardic Jews. It is traditional to fry the fish on Fridays in preparation for the Sabbath.

How Did Fish and Chips Originate?

The question that we all want to ask is about Fish and Chips… Who combined these two elements? Where was the first ever Fish and Chips shop?

Fish and Chip Wars are fought over who claims the first chippy. Joseph Malin opened a Fish and Chip Shop in London in 1860. From Eastern Europe, he arrived in London’s East End to open a shop selling fried potatoes. Later, he added fried fish to the menu. It was a huge success.

Others believe John Lees was the one which was based near Oldham in Lancashire. It is not far from Seafood by Sykes’ origins. There is something fishy about the water here. John Lees, a Mossley market vendor of Fish and Chips, was also reported to have sold them fish and chips back in 1860. It’s not known who the original Fish and Chips in the UK was, but it is a wonderful combination that will remain a staple in the UK.

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