All You Need To Know About Foix Gras

What To Understand By Foix Gras?

Foix Gras is a specialty food prepared from the fattened liver of goose or duck. This is delicious and one of the most popular food among the French. It is served in so many delicious ways including as seared or as a pate. Foix Gras stands for ‘fat liver’ in French. Tasting this gourmet food is a must which will help you discover what French cuisine has to offer.

The practice of feeding a goose or a duck to fatten the liver even two-three times more than the normal size is called gavage. They contain some really good fat which helps in avoiding the bad one including bad cholesterol. The practice of feeding ducks to fatten the liver has been going on since 2500 BC- there are ancient Egyptian drawings showing illustrations with pharaohs feasting on foix gras.

Where Do You Get It From?

Foix gras is technically either available as goose liver or duck liver. The distinction between any foix gras production to other dark farms would be they opt for gavage which is a French term meaning force-feeding.

The process of gavage usually begins with a corn-based feed and the process is continued two-three times for the duration of two-four weeks. This helps in fattening the liver which is then processed. As it is a part of the French cuisine, France is one of the largest as well as the biggest consume of Foix gras.

What Is The Taste Of Foix Gras Like?

Whether you are going for goose liver or duck liver, the fat content can measure up to 50 to 65%, therefore, it will taste incredibly rich as well as buttery. The taste of foix gras is extremely smooth, delicate, and silky and wine is one of the best accompaniments with foix gras.

How Can You Prepare Foix Gras?

·        Searing:

This is one of the most common ways to prepare fresh foix gras. Cut thick slices and then sear it until it becomes buttery from the inside, crispy, and a little bit brownish from the outside. Make sure it is not overcooked, otherwise it will taste dry.

·        Foix Gras Terrine:

This is also a common method where it is pressed into a mold and then gently put on a hot water bath. After cooling down, it is sliced.

·        Foix Gras Torchon:

It usually involves rolling it in a towel and then slowly poaching it. This makes it easier for serving.

These are some of the basic things you need to know about Foix Gras and how it can enhance your tastebuds with its rich and smooth texture.