Why Barramundi is a Must-Try for all Food Lovers

Most people might have not really heard about barramundi unless they have not traveled to Australia, it can sound like an exotic location. It is a fish delicacy, popularly known as beer-battered barramundi, a dish you would definitely want to try. Though, barramundi is not every household name like halibut or salmon yet, this “it” fish would be.

What is barramundi?

The barramundi is also known as Asian sea bass; it is a species of catadromous fish, belonging to a family of Latidae of the order Perciformes. This species is mainly distributed in the Indo-West-Pacific region from Northern Australia to South Asia to Papua New Guinea. The fish is known as bhetki in Bengal and pla kapong in Thailand.

Why eat barramundi – Versatility & delicious flavor

If you are a fish lover, but find cooking it intermediating, or even not a big fan of some fishy flavor of a few fishing varieties, you might not be the only one. Both these significant barriers could be handled with the utmost care, if you choose to buy barramundi products from A& T. They offer frozen barramundi and you can even see for good quality battered barramundi as well.

Barramundi possesses a mild flavor, gentle and toothsome texture which makes it alluring to people who are a little fussy about eating seafood. As it has a moderate fat content, this amazing fish is next to impossible for overcooking.

Most people have found this fish pleasant for cooking at home, by buying from A&T brand, as it does not give out a strong odor like other oily or salmon fish. You can cook it perfectly by using almost every white fish recipe, and that too for every kind of cuisine. As some reputed reputable brands like A& T hand-cuts and also flash freezes every fillet for your convenience, preparing any dish is easy and storage as well.

Amazing health benefits

With almost half the calories of salmon, barramundi is yet packed with Omega-3 fatty acids (popularly known for promoting cardiovascular and brain health) and provides 34gms of lean protein in a 6-ounce serving. It has mostly all the nutrients, including protein you would always want from your seafood.

Barramundi a farmed fish also has low Omega-6 that is something most of you want to consume in moderate amounts, due to its inflammatory nature. It is even a hardy fish species, that allows you to nurture them without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals that is great for you and for them as well. They are monitored closely and kept at lower densities. This unique variety just occupies 1% of space in their sea cages minimizing the impact on the environment.

If you want to enjoy eating this awesome Australia’s favorite fish, choose A & T Trading, and see for good quality battered barramundi. This product is an ocean caught saltwater barramundi fillet that is coated with A&T’s premium beer batter. You just need to deep fry it from frozen at 180°C for around 7-8 minutes.