Spices Used in Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine uses a lot of different spices, which enhance the taste of the dishes. Moreover, the abundant use of these spices makes this cuisine one of a kind.

Seven famous spices used in almost all Vietnamese Cuisine

#1 Roucou Seeds

To add some colour to the dish, Vietnamese restaurant uses Roucou seeds. The taste of these seeds is unique. They taste earthy with a hint of peppery nutmeg.

They are mainly used in pasta, poultry, and rice dishes. When you heat the oil, add some of the seeds to bring a light shade of red to your food.

#2 Pepper

Pepper is one of the most used spices in Vietnamese cuisine. Also, Vietnam is the world’s largest producer of pepper. Black, white or red, you will find all kinds of peppers in Vietnam.

You will find it mainly at Central Highlands and Phu Quoc Island. Moreover, it has a pleasant flavour, a mix of spice and floral.

#3 Forest pepper Mac Khen

Forest pepper is one of the secret ingredients in Vietnamese cuisine. In Northern Vietnam, forest pepper is cultivated. It grows in the jungles at a high altitude.

Moreover, they look like Sechuan but smaller and have less spiciness. Also, it has amazing notes of clementine and orange. However, do not overcook it as it will lose all its flavour.

 #4 Turmeric

In the northern part of the country, turmeric is cultivated. It has been mainly cultivated for millennia.

Turmeric is used either in powder form or dried. Moreover, it tastes very aromatic as well as peppery. Due to its flavour, turmeric is a versatile spice. It can blend with all desserts and sauce. It gives a unique flavour and a light yellow colour.

A Banh Xeo or Vietnamese pancake is one of the dishes where turmeric is the main spice.

#5 Star anise

Pho is a Vietnamese soup, and star anise is the main ingredient to add that flavour. It is mainly grown in the country’s North-eastern part, generally in the Lang Son region.

Star anise is picked when it is green. Later it is dried under the sun, which gives it that reddish-brown tone.

Also, the Vietnamese star anise is the most famous in Asia and is exported to various countries.

 #6 Ginger

To spice up any dish, ginger is used the most. Also, it has medical benefits. For centuries ginger has been used in dishes to treat different sicknesses.

Moreover, it is stomachic and antibacterial. Ginger is effective against weak pulse, rheumatism, diarrhea, influenza, dizziness, gastric, and laryngitis.

#7 Clove

Found in the Central Highlands, clove has a distinct flavour of peppery and red fruit notes. It adds a beautiful aroma to any Vietnamese dish.

It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antibacterial properties. It is used as a spice in several dishes and for traditional pharmacopeia.

Final thoughts

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