How to be a successful barbecue

Summer is good and really here. We spend our days and our evenings outdoors instead of being inside, because we take the best time. The “salad days” are back, but in today’s society, the phrase “barbecue evening” appears more.

Many people are worried, however, whether they would be able to cook their food on the barbecue with any degree of success. Allow me to make sure that the BBQ cuisine is no longer difficult than the kitchen of the kitchen, so that anyone who can cook successfully in the kitchen can cook successfully in a barbecue. However, you will have to pay a little more attention for most of the things you choose to cook this way.

A barbecue is efficiently a grill, but uses heat or fire-based flames to grill your food. Unfortunately, most barbecues, whether they are gas or traditional coal, tend to generate large amounts of heat that sometimes cause the cooking of food quickly; Good for burgers but not so good for thicker foods that will eventually burn outside but still raw in the center.

The easy way around this is to cook your thicker foods, such as thick sausages and chicken thighs in the kitchen oven, under the grid of the kitchen or microwave first, then finish them On the barbecue.

One of the attractions of the cooked barbecue food is the smoke and burned (or should I say “grilled flame”), it is so cooked completely and not left raw in the center. Apart from this raw meat or not cooked to meat, will not do you or your guests a lot of good and is more likely to leave everyone feel sick.

However, some thicker things will cook entirely on the barbecue if you follow the right procedure. Here, I need to divide barbecues into two main categories; Traditional coal and gas.

With the traditional coal barbecue, the cook has no control over the heat produced, but with one of the more modern gas barbecues, the heat produced from heat, such as a cooking plate or a kitchen grid. So, to use one of the two examples above to cook different types of food, you will need to use the procedure I will tell you below.

All Foods Trays (Hamburgers, Steaks Grillads, chops, etc.) will be fully cooked entirely on the barbecue, but with steak steaks and chops, etc., you will need to cut heat by increasing the hot plate or in Grinking on a charcoal barbecue or remove heat from a gas barbecue. Ok, it will take more time to cook your food but is more likely to cook it thoroughly, or of course you could cook it in the kitchen first and finish it on the BBQ. Thin foods like hamburgers or thin sausages will be well on high heat, but thick sausages will need the same procedure as steaks or thick chops.

Chicken portions and other larger and thicker foods really need to pre-cook in the kitchen first, then finished on the barbecue to smoke and burned (I mean “flames” grilled “).